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What You Can Expect

What is the cost of home care?

You are not alone; enquiries into the costs associated with home care are the most common questions we receive. The cost of caring for a loved one is a concern for families and caregivers. It can have implications on your cash flow, investments, home equity, and inheritance.

  • Our rates, which start at $22.95 are competitive with other home care companies, meaning that our hourly rates are within a dollar or two of our competitors. We do, however, pay our staff above average wages so that we can keep the best caregivers that we find.
  • Our hourly rates cover the wages of our caregivers, CPP, EI, and WSIB premiums, along with a benefits package and training days.
  • Our hourly rates include nurse-managed care.

How we get started

  • After calling Retire-At-Home Services, we will meet with you in your own home to get to know you and to familiarize ourselves with your care needs. We will also provide a detailed description of our customized service and answer any questions you may have.
  • At a time that is convenient to you, our Registered Nurse can provide a full medical assessment to further determine the customization of our care.
  • Working with your input, we will define the ideal caregiver(s) to implement the care plan within the agreed upon schedule.
  • Feeling nervous about getting started? That is natural. At the beginning of the first shift, we will come to your home to present you with your caregiver. We will stay with you for a friendly introduction, making sure everyone is comfortable.
  • For on-going quality control and monitoring, we will regularly check in with you and ask you how you and your family feel the caregiving is going. We also ‘pop by’ on unplanned supervisory visits to ensure the care is going as directed, and that everyone is content. We want to exceed your expectations, and we welcome changes and modifications to suit your needs and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will we have to sign a contract?

No. Our care does not require a contract.

Q. Do we have to give notice if we decide to cancel care?

If you are planning to move away or cease care completely, we ask to be provided with two weeks’ notice so we can prepare our staff for other clients. We require 24 hours’ notice when cancelling a shift.

Q. Will I have the same caregiver, or will the caregiver change from one week to the next?

Caregiver continuity is paramount for building a long-lasting and trusting relationship. The bond formed between a caregiver and their client is very powerful, and we do everything we can to provide you with the same caregivers.

Q. How is the billing handled?

We run our billing on a bi-weekly basis. Cheque and Direct Debit are our preferred methods of payment. We also accept VISA and MasterCard.

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours for service?

Yes. We require a minimum of 3 hours per visit – this is part of our strategy to foster the caregiver-client relationship. A minimum 3-hour shift helps us retain our valued staff.

Q. Do you offer care in the hospital and at time of discharge?

Yes. Our care is 100% customized to suit the needs of our clients, even when the needs are changing. The duration and frequency of visits are scalable and we go where we are needed.

Q. Can you provide palliative care?

Yes. We have a staff ranging from House Cleaners, Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses. We ensure the right caregivers are present during the most difficult of situations. Caregivers trained and experienced in end-of-life care will ensure your loved one passes with peace and dignity.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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