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Respite Care for Family Caregivers

respite care toronto north yorkReceiving proper Respite Care will help you take a well-deserved rest while ensuring your loved one is properly cared for. Everyone deserves a break.

For respite care, the chance to relax and unwind is something that becomes necessary for all of us. While you may be a deeply committed and capable caregiver for your loved one, care giving can take its toll. Recognizing and prioritizing your own emotional and physical health and well-being is important. Respite care is critical. Studies have shown that respite relief has a significant impact on the improvement of the long-term well-being of caregivers. Also, the more respite care episodes you get, the better quality care you can give.

Respite Care to care for yourself for a while – it can make all the difference!

At Retire-At-Home in Toronto and North York, we understand how important it is that you feel entirely confident that your loved-one is getting sufficient care, otherwise you won’t really be able to unwind or relax in a meaningful way. Our respite care services are designed to make sure you feel sure that professional care is being provided while you are taking your much-deserved break. Our Respite Care Services are individually tailored to suit you and your loved one. A free Nurse Consultation begins the respite care process, and we will build an understanding of the medical challenges and care needs of your loved one, as well as their personal preferences and wishes concerning how they want to receive that care. We create a personal care plan and make sure that the management of the care always meets or exceeds your expectations so you can rest calmly.

Giving yourself the chance to rest can make an incredible difference in preventing burn-out, and can allow you to keep feeling good about your care giving.

Our Respite Care Services in Toronto and North York can include all of the following customized services:
  • Care Management Services including Initial Assessment with an experienced Nurse Case Manager
  • Home Support Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Companion Care Services
  • Review Visit by our Nurse Case Manager
  • Grocery Shopping as needed
  • Immediate response for additional care

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