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Home Care Companion

Home care companion, a day in the work life

home care companion Toronto North YorkA home care companion can help with a variety of things throughout the day. Below is a day in the work life of a Retire-At-Home Services Toronto and North York home care companion named Karen. Karen is working with a client named Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Smith has been living on her own for 15 years since her husband passed away.  Mrs. Smith’s daughter lives in Toronto, but works full time and has teenage children with busy schedules.  Mrs. Smith’s son lives outside Ontario, and cannot help on a regular basis.

Mrs. Smith receives the services of a home care companion 3 days a week.  Mrs. Smith books appointments (doctor, dentist, hair, shopping) on those days so that Retire-At-Home Services can accompany her.

10am: Arrival of home care companion Karen.  Karen greets Mrs. Smith and then checks the laundry basket and puts on a load of laundry to ensure that the washer and dryer are finished by the end of her shift. The laundry machines are still in the basement, and descending and ascending the basement stairs puts Mrs. Smith at risk for a fall.

10:15am: Karen sits with Mrs. Smith and they talk about Mrs. Smith’s past weekend.  Karen gets an update on Mrs. Smith’s activities and how her friends are.

11:00am: Karen and Mrs. Smith decide what to make for lunch. Mrs. Smith says she’s not that hungry, but home care companion Karen makes her a half sandwich and bowl of soup.

11:30am: Although Mrs. Smith hasn’t had a big appetite lately, and she has lost weight, she eats her lunch after it is put down in front of her.  Karen eats the packed lunch she brought with her. They both sit at the table and eat together.

12:30pm: Mrs. Smith has a rest in her chair while Karen tends to the laundry, washes the dishes, and tidies the kitchen.

1pm: Karen gets Mrs. Smith ready for a doctor’s appointment.  Mrs. Smith is pretty independent, but Karen assists her with her outside shoes, and helps her get outside with her walker.

1:30pm: Karen and Mrs. Smith catch a cab to Sunnybrook Hospital. Karen helps Mrs. Smith into the hospital with her walker.

2:30pm: Doctor’s appointment. Karen goes into the appointment with Mrs. Smith and provides support and companionship.

3:00pm: Appointment is over and Karen and Mrs. Smith take a taxi back home.

3:30pm: Mrs. Smith is exhausted and rests in her comfy chair.  Karen makes a cup of tea and reminds Mrs. Smith that this is the time that she usually takes her medication. Karen sees Mrs. Smith take her medication and records it in the binder.

4pm: Karen prepares something for supper to leave in the refrigerator or on the countertop so that Mrs. Smith can easily access it and eat it when she feels hungry.  Karen folds the finished laundry.

4:30pm: Home care companion Karen sits with Mrs. Smith and chats for 15 minutes, she tells Mrs. Smith what she’s prepared for supper, and that the laundry is finished and put away.  She tells Mrs. Smith that she will be back on Thursday, when they will take a walk outside, and play cards.

Mrs. Smith is glad for the support and companionship she has had that day, and looks forward to Thursday when Karen returns.

On other days, home care companion Karen and Mrs. Smith do activities such as:

  1. Play cards (as mentioned above)
  2. Go for short walks up and down the street
  3. Karen and Mrs. Smith make a grocery list, and Karen walks up the street to get groceries
  4. Karen prepares tea and cake and invites in two of Mrs. Smith’s long-time friends
  5. Sit in the back garden and tend to some bucketed tomato plants

If your loved one can benefit from a home care companion like Karen, call us to discuss your options at 416-479-9659 (Toronto West) or 416-423-0963 (Toronto East).  You can also fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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