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Companion Services Benefits

Our companion services can help

Companion services TorontoThe benefits of companion services are many. We humans are social creatures, and we need companionship for our overall well-being. We all have friends and family members who have experienced the ups and downs of life with us, and who help us reminisce, feel secure, and feel that we belong. When we get older, however, restrictions in our physical mobility, loss of driving privileges, snow and ice conditions, and illness can prevent us from getting out and having a regular dose of companionship. As children move away and become tied up with their own busy lives, families are just not around for frequent interaction.
Our elderly lose their partners and their friends to death, dementia, and long term care. It can be difficult to cope with these losses and endure the loneliness. Our companion services can not only provide physical care, but emotional care as well.

The overall benefit of companion services: Reduction of loneliness

The overall benefit of companion services is loneliness reduction. Loneliness in our elderly in Canada is an epidemic. Loneliness has been clinically shown to increase blood pressure, cause a rise in stress hormones, depression, sleeplessness, and inflammation. A trained caregiver can provide precious social interaction to reduce loneliness. Activities can be as simple as conversing over coffee, going to the movies, or cooking or gardening together. In the process of doing their job, companions stave off loneliness and depression in our elderly.

Benefits of companion services: Assistance with Daily Tasks

As we get older, it can be difficult to complete daily activities like cooking and cleaning. Frustration and feelings of low self-worth and uselessness can result. The quiet help of a companion can help get these chores done, either by themselves or involving your loved one. Having a clean and tidy home, and good meals available can be a good start to helping your loved one feel better. Sharing a meal can be such a blessing to someone who has eaten alone for a long time.

Benefits of companion services: Listen and be listened to

Companion services include talking and sharing with another person. Sometimes, all you really need in life is for someone to listen. Engaging with someone who is genuinely interested in what you have to say, and who has the time to sit and chat can do wonders for the soul. Sitting alone in your house or apartment for days on end, with just the television and brief check-in phone calls can be a lonely way to live out your senior years. Do you ever notice how uplifted you feel after engaging deeply with an interested human being?

Benefits of companion services: A sense of Security

Social isolation and loneliness can create fear and nervousness. Companion services can give peace of mind to families knowing that their loved one is not alone, and someone is there to help and add security if needed. Our companions can escort loved ones to the grocery store, or to doctor’s appointments to add emotional support and help to prevent a fall.
If you have an elderly loved one, our companions at Retire-At-Home Services Toronto and North York are here for you. Our caregivers create strong and lasting friendships with their clients. When you hire us, you can rest assured you are receiving the best companion services. Call today at 416-479-9659 (Toronto West) or 416-423-0963 (Toronto East), or fill out the form on the right-hand side of the page to learn how we can help.

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